Private Tennis Cottage

As part of an ongoing relationship with our client, our firm was asked to design a new tennis “cottage” to compliment the newly built tennis courts on the edge of their residential development.  Using materials, colors and textures that are consistent with those of their adjacent residence, the new building was designed to not only provide a space to gather and relax before and after matches, but also as a place to enjoy match play, enjoy summer afternoons, and evening outings with friends and family.  Providing a space for the enjoyment of outdoor spaces, the building also serves as a means to provide a transition in the changing topography of the site.


Private Tennis Cottage


The tennis cottage, by its very nature, required only a small footprint when compared to the adjacent residence.  The design therefor had to address both scale and the detail necessary to provide a structure that was consistent with the overall character of the family home.  With a more than ten foot change in elevation on the site, the tennis courts and the building needed to be sited in a way that provided the owner with interior space that was accessible to all, while also providing and exterior entertainment area that focused on the courts and other outdoor activities.


By designing a building that provided a two soaring two-story interior, the structure provided an appropriate relationship to the scale of the main residence.  Materials, colors and details were reproduced from the design of the main house, but scaled and simplified to reflect the less formal atmosphere of the tennis facility.  With the need for a variety of gathering spaces, the tennis viewing area, firepit and gathering spaces were sited around three sides of the building, providing an opportunity to create not only an upper level viewing area, but also several unique spaces for small group gatherings.