Cava | D’Vino Ristorante

Created to foster the chef’s creativity and diner’s delight, D’Vino Ristorante, now Cava, was designed to provide a unique fine dining experience. The former banquet room-turned-restaurant provides an atmosphere that is both fresh and inviting. Through the use of traditional materials, the space integrates old world elements with a contemporary finish and experience. The restaurant is located in the former Alberini Restaurant, a building transformed into the 


Cava | D’Vino Ristorante


The limitations of this lower level location include low ceiling clearances and few opportunities for exterior openings. The space needed to be well lit and ventilated to ensure the comfort of the guests.


LED lighting and traditional wood elements were used to manipulate the flat plane of the ceiling to expand and compress the space making the space feel larger and more expansive. The building HVAC system was integrated into elements of the design to maintain aesthetics while minimizing additional interruptions within the ceiling plane.