Dr. Roy E. Scott Orthodontics

Looking for a new home for his growing orthodontic practice Dr. Roy E. Scott engaged Phillips|Sekanick Architects to develop a new office that reflected his needs, goals, and aesthetic preference.  An efficient interior layout was developed to enhance the patient flow through the office and expedite the patient visit and treatment experience.


Dr. Roy E. Scott Orthodontics


Dr. Scott wanted a new building worthy of the reputation for excellence he had established for his practice.  The ability to keep patients flowing smoothly through the office was an important aspect of the program layout.


The exterior cladding choices of brick and clapboard siding with detailing reminiscent of traditional colonial architectural styles provided the aesthetic the client desired.  Use of faux dormer and gable end windows added to the historic character of the façade. The open concept treatment room allows Dr. Scott to quickly provide treatment in an orderly clockwise fashion.  Billing, consultations, and private treatment rooms are located to the sides of the central core. Traditional window trims and wainscot in the waiting area bring the neo-colonial flair of the exterior into the building.