CLE Flies on Dunkin’

CLE Flies on Dunkin’


CLE Flies on Dunkin’

A long-standing designer of Dunkin’ facilities, Phillips Sekanick Architects was approached in 2021 to provide an updated facility at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Located in the main terminal food court, the next-generation facility was designed to meet the needs of travelers at Ohio’s busiest airport facility. Working closely with the retail operator of the facilities in the airport and the franchisee, Phillips Sekanick Architects was able to create a solution that met the needs of the facility as well as travelers visiting the facility.


Dunkin’ Cleveland Hopkins


With changes in branding and the facilities menu, the Dunkin facility was in need of a renovation to address both the operational and aesthetic needs of the tenant space.  Phillips Sekanick Architects, an experienced Dunkin’ and food service designer was brought in to evaluate the existing conditions and to develop plans to update the operations.  Located in a secure area of the airport, PSA Architecture had to work with the retail facility operator and owner to ensure compliance with the technical and security requirements of the building. The facility is located over an open air portion of the airport, complicating the installation of plumbing alterations and mechanical system replacement


Phillips Sekanick Architects developed a tenant facility that merged the requirements of Dunkin’ Brands with the operational requirements of the airport.  Working closely with our consulting engineers, plans were developed to address the aesthetic needs of the franchisee along with the operational requirements of the retail manager.  Coordination of construction and equipment installation during evenings avoided conflicts with travelers.