Warren G. Harding High School Stadium

Phillips|Sekanick Architects worked with the Warren City Schools to renovate and improve all parts of the New Deal-era Mollenkopf Stadium.  The project included replacement and improvement to the west side bleachers and restrooms, addition of a new press box, new aluminum bleachers at the east stands, and the installation of a new artificial turf playing surface.


Warren G. Harding High School Stadium


The existing stadium was not handicap accessible and did not have handicap accessible restroom facilities.  The school leadership desired a new artificial turf field but were concerned about the budget for such a renovation.


Phillips|Sekanick Architects was able to work with the school’s budget and accomplish the design goals.  Restroom renovation provided a cost-effective means to create handicap accessible restroom facilities without the expense of building a new restroom building.  Careful review of the artificial turf options and the associated costs of each system yielded a turf solution that met the needs of the school system.