Warren Amphitheatre

Over ten years in the planning stages and twenty years in concept, the Community Amphitheatre anchors the east end of the continually expanding city Riverwalk Project.  Seating approximately 2,500 people, the amphitheater is nestled into an existing hillside overlooking the Mahoning River. The amphitheatre is also surrounded by historical structures on the millionaires row, including the Perkins House which now serves as Warren City Hall, the Kinsman House, and the Warren First Presbyterian Church.  


Warren Amphitheatre


The natural topography of the site was well suited to creating the amphitheatre, but some adaptations and regrading was required.  Due to the close proximity to the Mahoning River it was important to locate key elements of the amphitheater above the 100-year flood plain.  Because the venue was open to the elements a durable material would be needed to form the seating. Wheelchair access was a significant concern on the sloping site.


With necessary regrading, the new concert venue took shape through the mixed use of lawn and terraced concrete.  The main connector for the lower level of the amphitheatre was designed to focus views on the steeple of a nearby historic church.  A system of ramps allowed wheelchair access to different levels of the venue. Perimeter walkways were designed to be wide enough to host food vendors.  Accessible seating and circulation along with convenient access and excellent sight-lines make this facility flexible for a wide variety of shows and programs.