Veterans Services Commission

Answering the needs of our Veterans

With growing needs and limited workspace, the Trumbull County Veterans Services Commission and the Board of the Trumbull County Commissioners sought new facilities to house the county wide Veterans Resource Center.   Concentrating on addressing core services, the new facility was designed to incorporate the new public and private spaces necessary to address the daily needs of the organization. Sited within the community’s downtown area, the exterior façade of this infill project focused on the healing of the urban fabric.


Veterans Services Commission


The building was to be located on the area of an open parking lot that was previously the site of several commercial office buildings.  This site had limited fall to it, with most of the fall occurring with the first fifteen feet of the front of the building.  A majority of the building was placed on the debris filled basement of the prior buildings. With a limited budget, the selection of finishes was limited.


The building foundation area was over excavated and new compacted soils were brought onto the site.  The openings at the rear and the side of the building were kept just above the level of the adjacent parking lot, while the front entrance was elevated.  With just under two feet of change at the front entry, the building façade was stepped back to accommodate an accessible ramp.  This same space provided an area for the installation of flag poles, sunscreens and recognition plaques honoring the five branches of service.