St William Church

The St William addition was the end result of several years of planning.  With the church administrative offices housed in a former residence away from the church, the parish was challenged to effectively manage its daily operational needs.  With limited access to the sanctuary from the main entry and no real outward identity, the community sought guidance on the creation of not only a new administrative addition and entry, but also an expansion of the existing commercial kitchen in their adjacent fellowship hall.   


St William Church


The program included work on three different areas of the existing church building.  The first part was the new administrative wing, This needed to be accessible to the public from outside the area of the main church, but also connected to the church to permit church staff to perform their daily tasks.  With no real defined entry or form, this building, although used as the administrative wing, would need to create the entryway that would welcome parishioners each week to the parish services.  The existing kitchen, which was limited in size, needed an expansion.  Unfortunately, this area of the building was part of an exterior bearing wall.  Finally, the church looked at this project as an opportunity to add a bell tower, an element that up to now, was missing from the design. 


Phillips|Sekanick Architects worked with the parish for several years in developing a masterplan and a project budget.  By working with the committee and developing several schemes, a new design that brought together the bell tower, administrative wing and new entry was ultimately approved by the church.  The kitchen was redesigned to moved most of back or house production area into the new addition, allowing the existing spaces to be reprogrammed.  This reduced the length of the bearing wall that needed to be re-supported and removed.