Residential Retreat

This private residence is the result of nearly a decade of planning, design, and construction. Developed from the renovation of an existing 2,800 square foot one and a half-story home, this residence sits on 6.25 acres within the City of Warren. The home consists of three distinct living areas that make up the main residence, along with a free-standing pool house and entertainment area. This complex blends a variety of materials, textures, forms, and architectural styles to create a unique and distinctive home.


Residential Retreat


The homeowner converted a modest suburban home into its current grandeur over the course of three separate and distinct design and construction projects.  As an added challenge, the homeowners and their children occupied the house throughout most of the construction projects utilizing it as their primary residence.  Careful attention to detail was needed to transform the existing house into an eclectic residential complex designed to meet the unique needs and wishes of the owner.


When completed, very little of the original one and a half-story home remained.  As part of the process the homeowners acquired adjacent properties and had the existing homes demolished.  With close communication and careful attention to detail the homeowners’ vision was fully realized in this unique custom home.