Panera, Miller Eatery, The Cleveland Clinic

In Collaboration with Perspectus Architects and the Cleveland Clinic, Philllips|Sekanick Architects, inc. worked closely with franchisee Covelli Enterprises to develop a unique restaurant for this world class medical facility.  With Perspectus Architects focusing on the front of house and Phillips|Sekanick on the back of house, the team was able to blend function and aesthetic together to create this unique and efficient, yet eye catching facility as part of the Miller Eatery.


Panera, Miller Eatery, Cleveland Clinic


The competing brand aesthetics of Panera Bread and The Cleveland Clinic needed to be carefully approached to ensure that each were adequately represented in a way that complimented the space.  The development of a multi-level operations area in the back of house also proved to be a major design challenge.


Respecting the design standards of The Cleveland Clinic, the Panera Bread facility was developed with clean lines and finishes to match those that occur throughout the facility. The design was enhanced with the brand standard art work and warm wood tones of the brand finish palette. To accommodate the multiple levels, the back of house kitchen operations were configured to permit ordering and food preparation on one level with seating on the other. This layout provided the franchisee and the Cleveland Clinic with a Panera facility that matches the hospital’s world class reputation.