Panera, Boardman

A first of its kind prototype, the Panera Bread Boardman was developed to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for the customers of the fast casual restaurant.  Located in an active retail corridor, the design focused on an atmosphere that was open and inviting.  The interior areas are complimented by the outdoor dining areas and the drive-thru facilities. 


Panera, Boardman


The building parcel posed many challenges: the size was small, the topography sloped significantly, and storm water needed to be managed properly to prevent run-off to adjacent parcels.  Panera was using this location to experiment with a new interior and exterior aesthetic.  Input from Panera corporate headquarters, the franchisee, and Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc. was all necessary to reach a final design solution.   


By situating the building toward the back of the site the design team was able to mitigate the building access challenges posed by the sloping site.  They were also able to capitalize on a shared access aisle with an adjacent plaza for drive-thru window access.  Utilization of an underground storm water retention system mitigated water flow to adjacent parcels and allowed for maximization of parking on this cramped site.  Through efficient use of the site Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc. was able to maximize interior space for customers and designed a large open dining area for this first of its kind prototype restaurant.