O’Charley’s Restaurant, Boardman

The O’Charley’s Restaurant is a regional leader in fast casual dinging concepts. The Boardman location, completed in 2008, is the third location for the franchisee/operator and the second in Northeast Ohio. The restaurant reflects the corporate prototype design while including many unique, site specific features, including outdoor dining.


O’Charley’s Restaurant, Boardman


The site is in a prime location but is limited in depth. Due to the overall footprint of the restaurant and required parking, storm water management became a significant issue. In addition, the Franchisee requested the views of servers entering and exiting the kitchen were obscured from customer view.


The site design located the building further south on the parcel allowing for a large area of parking to the north. This area was large enough to provide underground storm detention to pass the local ordinances. Phillips|Sekanick Architects revised the standard prototype plan to re-align walls to hide the entrance to the kitchen. This adjustment also helped cut back on the bright fluorescent lighting that spilled into the dining area.