The City of Niles, Oh Fire Department & Safety Building

The City of Niles Safety Service Building was in need of significant repairs.  Cracks in the walls and concrete floor, failing mechanical systems and on-going roof leaks needed repaired.  The interior of the building needed to be refreshed throughout.  The building is 27,567 SF. 


City of Niles, OH Fire Department & Safety Building


The biggest challenge in the resolution of many of the ongoing problems was the determination of the cracks in the concrete floor and masonry walls.  Cracks in the apparatus bay of the Fire Department allowed water to penetrate the floor systems into the offices of the Police Department below. The original hydronic heating and cooling systems was partially inoperable with limited fresh air available within the building.  Flooring and wall finishes were old and in need of replacement due to the roof and floor leaks.


Soil borings were taken both inside and outside of the building and repairs were developed to eliminate ongoing wall and slab failure.  A crack repair process was developed that would stand up to the loads of the fire equipment and the frequent washing.  A new heat pump system for areas with limited ceiling area was designed with new ducted units on the roof for the upper level.  Existing walls were repaired and a fresh palette of colors was created for the floor and wall finishes.