Hunters Square & Casal’s D’e Spa

Hunters Square was designed as a speculative office and retail tenant building for Lewis Development Corp.  Casal’s D’e Spa is one of numerous tenant alterations and improvements designed by Phillips|Sekanick Architects.


Hunters Square & Casal’s D’e Spa


The Hunters Square building where Casal’s D’e Spa is located was the fourth in a series of office buildings, each with their own unique character.  It was the developer’s intent to refresh the look of the building while maintaining many of the same characteristics and materials.


Phillips|Sekanick Architects provided the developer with a durable yet budget friendly speculative tenant space buildings.  As part of the tenant build-outs, the firm coordinated with the owners of Casal’s D’e Spa to create an exciting spa space filled with lively colors.