Howland Market Place

Designed as part of a growing retail area of Howland Township, Ohio, this retail and business center was designed to provide potential tenants with a wide variety of leasing options. Created to sit between two previously developed properties, the site was planned to combine parking, access, and circulation, elevating the opportunities for both existing and future tenants. Utilizing elements of lifestyle center design on a small scale, the marketplace concept was used to provide aesthetic variety to an area dominated by prototype facility designs. Due to an economic downturn, the project was abandoned in 2009.


Howland Market Place


The project site fronted a major commercial thoroughfare but had no direct vehicular access to the road.  The client wanted to accommodate as many tenants as possible, but the long narrow site limited the depth of tenant spaces.


Even though the scheme was never constructed, Phillips|Sekanick Architects developed a plan that could address the client’s desires for tenant opportunities and available parking.  The building was designed to stand out from the typical commercial properties in the area with a unique blend of materials and façades. Cross-access entries to adjacent stores and restaurants were utilized to blend multiple end users into a plaza like plan.