Howland Machine Corp.

Looking to expand their manufacturing facilities and add an office area to one of their existing manufacturing buildings in Niles, Ohio the owners of Howland Machine Corp. consulted with Phillips|Sekanick Architects in the planning of their new facilities.  Working closely with the owners and the Building Inspection Department, two new building additions were developed that provided a cost-effective solution to the client’s needs.


Howland Machine Corp.


The entire project site is located in the floodplain of the Mahoning River.  This makes storm water run-off a critical issue. Adequate Lunch Room space and an outdoor eating area where employees could get a reprieve from the factory environment were additional owner requests.  Just prior to the start of construction, the owner sought to relocate the mechanical equipment from the floor level to an elevated mezzanine.


Phillips|Sekanick Architects coordinated the work of the Civil Engineer to address stormwater run-off concerns of the local authorities, arriving at a solution that was acceptable to all parties.  As part of the new office addition, an Employee Lunch Room which could accommodate up to 30 employees was built. The Lunch Room, located on the side of the addition facing the river, included an outdoor patio which provided a more bucolic space for employee breaks.  Phillips|Sekanick Architects accommodated the owner’s change requests and skillfully addressed the fire rating and access concerns for the mezzanine space.