Home Savings & Loan Company

Home Savings & Loan Company was looking to expand their presence in Howland Township, Ohio with a new branch banking center.  The financial institution was looking for a building that would relate to the surrounding community and signify a stable presence in the center of the growing suburban residential community.


Home Savings & Loan Company


The selected building site was adjacent to a newly constructed residential villa complex along a heavily traveled corridor in an emerging commercial area.  It was the desire of the client to have the interior and exterior of the building designed with a similar architectural character to the adjacent neighborhood.  The client required the drive-through for ATM transactions be separate from the teller drive-through lanes.


By utilizing a mix of traditional brick and lap siding with hip and gable roof construction, the character of the building blends nicely into the immediate residential context.  A grid shift applied to the floor plan allowed two separate drive-through canopies with smooth traffic flow around the building creating a building that has no rear or “unfinished” elevation.  The grid shift allowed the design team to provide additional gable façades to address the primary and adjacent secondary roads. Curves were a prominent feature of both the site design and interior layouts.