Good Intentions

Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc. along with Contractor Bart Gilmore brought the farm-to-table restaurant and farmer’s market vision to life for Good Intentions.  The Owners of Good Intentions and the building Owner wanted to restore the historic Kinsman Town Hall and provide a must-see destination in Kinsman, Ohio.  They sought to maintain the historic charm of the building’s exterior and create an airy modern interior for the restaurant and market. 


Good Intentions


The historic Kinsman Town Hall was built in 1874 and had been neglected for many years. The roof and windows were in disrepair, the original stone foundation was crumbling and there was no floor, only dirt.  These conditions needed to be remedied in order to provide the services envisioned for Good Intentions.   


The design team at Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc. worked with Bart Gilmore to devise a system to lift the entire wooden structure, rebuild the foundation, provide a new floor, and reset the building on the new base.  A new roof sheltered the interior from the elements.  The existing exterior siding and trim was restored and new windows that mimic the size and shape of the original building were installed to complete the exterior.  Inside the existing mezzanine was converted to a second floor suitable for dining and small group gatherings.  Light wall colors, thoughtfully placed lighting and a floating tread stair enhance the open and modern aesthetic of the interior.