Family Tree Dental

Family Tree Dental was the first tenant to move into a Fully redesigned plaza developed by Mondo Building & Excavating. Located in Belpre, Ohio, the new and expanded full service dental practice includes eight (8) new treatment rooms.  The facility is 3,132 SF.


Family Tree Dental


One of the primary concerns of the tenant was the segregation of patient and delivery entrances.  This was compounded by the fact that the tenant was seeking to increase visibility through the use of a large storefront area.  


The project was reviewed to determine the best access for patients.  In order to provide a service corridor and entry at the rear of the space, the new entry was located within the storefront system on the side of the building.  The existing building was completely redesigned with enhanced storefronts to provide a more aesthetically pleasing facade, with a new landscape buffer added between the building and the adjacent parking area.