Eastwood Business Center

Re-envisioning the marketplace of tomorrow, the Cafaro Company Corporate Offices were developed to provide a mix of retail, entertainment, and foodservice with commercial office space in a mall setting. The three story office building of nearly 50,000 SF, was designed to create not only new offices for the national retail developer, but to also develop a grand entry that provides access to existing retail areas and a redeveloped conference facility.  


Eastwood Business Center


The project, developed in early 2012, included not only the need for new office space, but also a new entry to a mixed used space that was to be accessible to the adjacent mall complex.  The intent was to also develop a new conferencing area that would be a connector between the offices, mall and adjacent hotel.  This intersection of uses required the architect to carefully review the access and occupancies of each to create a space that provided an opening entry while maintaining the security needed for the private offices. 


Using a multistory entryway, the new space developed provides access to the existing mall concourse and the new conferencing space.  Through an adjacent corridor carved into the back side of the existing tenant spaces, access is provided to the existing hotel.  In order to provide the security needed for the commercial office space, a new secure entrance was developed on the main level, with bridges connecting the two halves of the each of the upper two floors.