Dunkin’ – Boardman

Re-Branding Dunkin’

Unable to meet client needs at their prior location, Dunkin’ sought guidance from Phillips|Sekanick Architects on the design of a new facility. Working with both the franchisee and the project developer, a new facility was created that provides a fresh and welcoming dining experience along with improved customer service.  The unique layout incorporates new Dunkin’ design criteria while focusing on improved efficiency thru the inclusion of new concept double drive-thru window service.


Dunkin’ – Boardman


Having a long time presence at the existing Tiffany Crossing, Dunkin’ Boardman was limited in its ability to serve clients.  Poor site circulation, outdated utilities and the inability to provide drive-thru service prevented the site from meeting its full potential.  The limited seating and poor visibility was also a factor in the decision to completely rebuild the store.


Provided with new opportunities as the plaza was being rebuilt, Dunkin’ chose to build as a new outparcel on the redesigned site.  The new design was able to fully utilize the branding standards of Dunkin’ while at the same time, have the opportunity to add a new double drive-thru service area.  With improved site access, and visibility, Dunkin’ has returned to its corner location, but as a free standing fast casual restaurant.