Covelli Enterprises Offices

Invited to develop both an addition and alterations to an existing building, Phillips|Sekanick Architects worked with Covelli Enterprises on the redesign of their existing corporate offices.  Focused on providing additional office space, a new addition of nearly 10,000 SF was developed to allow the expansion of administrative offices and accounting.  The building received a complete facelift, with the entrance, previously located on the back side of the building, being repositioned to the front façade.  The interior of the entire building was renovated to provide a more functional and open floor plan. 


Covelli Enterprises Corporate Offices


The original building, altered several times over the prior fifteen year period, was designed as a precast slab and masonry bearing wall structure.  Prior to its use as the corporate offices for Covelli Enterprises, the structure served as a multi-tenant office building as well as a branch bank.  With limited floor to floor heights, the layout provided limited opportunities for the inclusion of open office areas.


By creating an addition to one side of the building, we created new administrative offices that incorporated access by low slope floors, allowing the design to include higher ceiling areas in the new spaces.  By removing all non-bearing walls, and cutting new openings into the façade, the close offices were eliminated and windows enlarged, providing for the appearance of a more open space.  With the addition of a new entry on the front of the building, the circulation was more centralized and better controlled.