Blessed Sacrament School

Consolidation of various schools within the local parochial school district necessitated the addition of 11,000 square feet of classroom space to the Notre Dame School at Blessed Sacrament Parish.  School leadership selected Phillips|Sekanick Architects to design this much needed new elementary classroom space.


Blessed Sacrament School


The school leadership wanted the addition to blend aesthetically with the existing school building and the sanctuary.  The addition would create a new façade for the school and would have a significant presence on the adjacent secondary road.  The existing school facilities had been adapted for computer usage, but the new classrooms need to be planned for the current and future computer needs.  Construction schedule was also an important factor so that the classrooms would be ready for the new school year.


Phillips|Sekanick Architects designed a single-story masonry addition attached to the existing school, which utilized similar colors, textures, and design element found throughout the school and church facilities.  The addition houses seven classrooms, a computer lab and restroom facilities. All classrooms have been planned and prewired for the latest in computer and video teaching tools with the ability to upgrade systems in the future.  Construction was kept on schedule and construction activities wrapped-up in the summer which allowed full usage when classes started in the fall.