Our Approach



Phillips|Sekanick Architects, inc.|psainc| is a professional service corporation created to provide quality design solutions for the built environment.  The broad base experience of our registered architects and design team members permits our firm to incorporate the expertise, knowledge and resources of all team members into the development of a comprehensive design solution.

Located in Warren, Ohio, Phillips|Sekanick Architects provides services for a wide range of building types, including retail/commercial, food service/hospitality, religious, residential, public/institutional and industrial/manufacturing.  Our experienced staff is dedicated to the delivery of high-quality design, and as a team, we proudly work, as members, to meet the guidelines, policies and values of the American Institute of Architects.

Regionally centered and nationally focused, our team elevates the design aesthetic of each project we engage.  It is our goal to provide projects that are contextually and environmentally sensitive, using materials and technologies that advance the needs of our clients, building users and society.