Focused on creating high quality, innovative environments that respond to the fiscal, aesthetic and functional expectations of our clients is core to the way we approach each project.  Through collaborative partnering, our balanced approach in creating tailored design solutions allows us to provide personalized service throughout all phases of the design process.  

From business to residential, our talented staff seeks to provide you with the outcomes that advance your goals and meet your needs.

Business, Commercial and Retail

A core segment of the markets we serve includes the design of commercial spaces and structures.  With significant experience in addressing the needs of business, Phillips|Sekanick Architects is a leader in the development of commercial architecture throughout Northeast Ohio.  Designed to focus on the unique needs of each user or owner, our responses address not just the form or function of the space, but also the financial and contextual concerns as well.

Food Service and Hospitality

Each project type requires a unique understanding of the use and challenges of designing and developing space that is appropriate to user needs.  As a nationally recognized firm in the design of food service and other hospitality-oriented structures, Phillips|Sekanick Architects understands the complexities of creating places that provide inviting atmospheres for end users, while delivering functional layouts for food preparation and service.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Often overlooked, industrial architecture is a critical service, needed to allow growth and expansion within the manufacturing segment of the economy. Working closely with allied partners, Phillips|Sekanick Architects provides design and design|build services that respond to the industry’s needs.

Public and Institutional

Addressing the needs of public entities requires a unique knowledge of their goals and limitations.  With a strong history of serving public institutions, Phillips|Sekanick Architects addresses the basic needs of each client with a focus on creating strong, high level design responses while incorporating resilient elements as part of the design program.  Serving communities through the use of proven historical design elements has been a cornerstone of our approach to public architecture.

Religious Architecture

A unique and challenging area of design, religious architecture requires an understanding beyond use and the incorporation of design elements.  The design of each building or area of worship, requires an understanding of the issues that are unique to the congregation. By expressing these concerns in the architecture of the building and through typology, the resulting design reflects the spiritual needs of the following.


Uniquely personal, residential design provides the architect and owner the opportunity to create a space and place that expresses the interests, style and personality of the user.  Listening to and understanding the distinctive needs of each family makes residential architecture a collaborative process that combines the owner’s interests with the talents and skills of the designer, resulting in a design that reflects the individuality of the occupants.